Oriens di Inumaru Kazuo
Oriens di Inumaru Kazuo

About Us

Knowledge keeps our minds in shape

Oriens was born as Studio Inumaru in 1982, as an expression of a long-term experience of her founder, Kazuo Inumaru, with a focus on the planning and implementation of research and consulting services, conducted for private companies as well as public bodies in Italy and Japan. In December 2001 the company changed her name into Oriens, in order to give more weight to her Oriental paradigm and her mission.

Oriens has been actively building relationships between Italy and Japan for thirty years. Consulting services we’ve been delivering comprise such areas as Human Resources, Cost Reduction, Innovation Management, and employ the use of Japanese and American managerial methodologies.
Oriens’ know-how has its roots in the fields of cultural anthropology and Japanese management. Company’s portfolio includes major Italian and Japanese companies from different economic sectors.

What we do


chiIn research activities, Oriens drives her focus on deeper understanding of a given economic sector (let it be industrial or commercial), a particular situation or market potentials. We’ve done market analysis and research into different sectors, and have also conducted various types of research on behalf of our Japanese or Italian partners.
Oriens has done trend or sector studies as well, and has been assisting during promotional events such public bodies as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, or the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft Trade and Agriculture of Milan.


souOriens aims to transfer passion, creativity and initiative to contribute to organizations’ growth. Our model consists of integrating emphatic and emotional aspects with the rational and economic ones, in order to direct the competence and autonomy towards a higher level of shared objectives.
The organization we wish to build is a resilient company, immune to, or ready for the unexpected. Innovation and routine merge into continuous improvement, which, in case of excellent companies, is a great sign of business stability. Oriens’ consulting services include studies of technological or commercial agreements between the Japanese and Italian companies (i.e., East Japan Rail and FS, Fuji Industrial and Elica, Denso and Magneti Marelli). Quality auditing sessions are prepared in collaboration with qualified experts of the respective sectors.
The Change management which follows such managerial techniques as Total Quality Control (TQC), Lean Production, TPM, TC/TP, Lean Six Sigma, constitutes one of the most important aspects of our consulting activities.

Transfer of technologies and methodologies

kyouOriens has transferred from Japan to Italy the technology of GHA which consists of hard anodizing in which silver ions are diffused in the coating film.
We have also contributed in transferring the methodologies of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Lean Production, Target Cost/Target Price and Knowledge Creation, employing such means as publications, organization of conferences and training sessions. As for Ferrovie dello Stato, the State Railway Company, the role of Oriens consisted in conveying the techniques of customer service from the East Japan Railway Company and the Central Japan Railway Company.

Benchmarking Missions

Oriens has a long-term experience in organizing benchmarking missions. We’ve planned, organized, conducted and managed learning tour programmes for Italian companies and foreigners in Japan, Germany and Italy, in the sectors of Quality, Production, Human Resources, and Marketing.

Contact Information

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